About Us

A Little About Us

Vaistra is from ancient Sanskrit and it means the "world".


Who are we?

The founders of Vaistra come from varied backgrounds with a combined 50 years plus in sustainability, startups, e-commerce, technology, finance, writing, education, consulting and research.

Why Vaistra?

We asked ourselves the following nine questions, but wanted one answer:

1. How can we best combine our backgrounds to contribute to achievement of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/
2. How can we raise the profile of SDG-linked Startups & Social Enterprises?
3. How can we help SDG startups that are unable to get follow on funding and require greater awareness?
4. How can we help SDG-linked startups generate and increase sales/revenue via digital store fronts (DSFs)?
5. How can we connect responsible consumers to cutting edge sustainable products?
6. How can accelerate the responsible consumerism movement to catch up to the better known responsible investing?
7. How can we help SDG investor stakeholders, from angel investors to VC firms to accelerators, university incubators, family offices, PE firms, etc., to promote their investments, invest in SDG-linked startups globally, connect with like-minded communities, collaborate, and undertake commerce?
8. How can we reduce the cost of information search when looking for news and information about SDG-linked Startups?
9. How can we provide content, community and ecommerce on one platform for SDG linked startups?

Vaistra Tech Inc. – a NY Based, Global Discovery & Transaction Platform for SDG-Linked Startups and Social Enterprises.

Our Team

Anthony Moore

Non-Executive Chairman

Inspire, Perspire or Expire
(Founder/CEO, ECP, Inc
Former MD, Goldman Sachs)

Sana Siddiqui

SDG Research Intern

Creativity’ is the new Oreo