Stewardship and Sustainability

April 10, 2020


Everything these days is about COVID-19, the coronavirus that has separated people from loved ones, interrupted commerce, halted governments, and created upheaval in national and global economies. While the short-term ramifications are being managed perhaps to everyone’s best abilities the long-term structural changes will be the ones that require the most work because these will

April 02, 2020

Towards an Agency of Sustenance

I am doing a lot of thinking about choices and what motivates people to make decisions. As I’ve been watching the Vaistra platform take shape and as it navigates through new phases of its development I am trying to process the concept of agency. The dictionary defines agency as an “action or intervention, especially such

February 14, 2020

Why Do We Need to Care About Stewardship?

The sustainability space is constantly evolving. New discoveries, linkages, and updated definitions push and pull the people who occupy their mind with decisions related to developing, manufacturing, and consuming would be sustainable solutions. Sustainability is big business. Trillions are waiting to be earned. But beyond the latest and greatest discovery, or the most in-vogue social